This is why.

I got a bit of a surprise tonight when I checked my camera's card. I knew someone had picked up my camera during Lexie's shower, the shower in which I showed 'star stories' for the first time, but I never checked to see what photos were on it. Photos after the jump.

From left to right: Melissa, Sarah, Stephenie, Lauren, Susan, Sam.Librarians

Initial unveiling

Connie's stars were on the paler side of the quilt, which unfortunately you can't see well in this photo.Connie points out her star

Group examination

Sarah and Lexie both wondering where THIS fabric came from. I think it was from my stash. It looks like something I'd buy.Funky stars!

Sarah and Lexie discuss whose stars are whose.

Some fabrics were old, and some, like the blue-and-brown stars I'm pointing to, were chosen specifically for this quilt.  These were Mandy's stars.Mandy's stars

Me pointing out the fabric Mandy contributed

At this point, I'm loopy and grinning and can barely believe the thing actually came together.  I'm even willing to forgive the last row not going on in time (notice the bottom row isn't finished)Babble, babble, babble.

Me, clearly brain dead and giddy that the damn thing came together in time.

Sarah points at a star whose fabric is shared with Mandy's wedding quilt.Unveiling: Sarah

Pointing out fabric shared between this quilt and Mandy's wedding quilt

The quilt sprint was not easy. The reaction made it worth every moment.

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This is amazingly awesome!

 That turned out *beautifully*!!!!! :D :D :D

I wish I had a sewing machine to do that magic with.... so wonderful :)

Congrats on finishing that monster! :)

An item of beauty indeed - your'e extremely clever and patient to say the least.

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