Consider modifying standards

As I tidied up the entry for Fuego, since I put it in the mail today, I looked over the quilt list for the year and was a little disheartened, because I felt like I haven't accomplished much this year. It's also entirely possible that I'm an idiot.

It's the end of October. In 2012, I've finished:

It's ready to mail, at last...Flickr  I've made a lot of quilts. This one makes me happier than most. There was something about this one that just felt right, start to finish.

There's a baby girl in Portland who will grow up with this as her quilt. It was started on the day she was born. Seems appropriate.

Quilt story is at  Mitzvah is done. This quilt contains my handiwork, but is not mine; the pattern, fabric choice, and intention were all Jennifer's mother's.

All I did was finish it, and in some ways ... set a little piece of the universe right. See for the story. Suggestion: have tissues.Flickr  It's a simple, sweet quilt. I love that I had almost every fabric needed already on-hand. The backing fabric has arrived, so as soon as I tidy off my table, pinning and quilting shall begin.

I really need to do a writeup on this quilt, but ... I don't want to until I can say who it's for. :)Ready for quilting

...and rescued this antique top and finished it out:

The binding's half done, but the top is no longer too fragile to hold upright.Mostly done!

...and helped a friend quilt two quilts for his daughters:

Evelyn's quilt. She picked many of the fabrics from her stash, and I found others in the warm/blue/green spaces. Disappearing nine-patch. I cut the fabrics and did some assembly; Amy Qualls-McClure suggested grouping the warm tones into the larger squares, and I worked out the no-fabric-adjacent-to-itself arrangement and did the hand-binding. Quilted by Amy.The Red Queen, Obverse
Zoë's quilt, bound and ready for washing. She picked all the fabrics from her stash. I cut and pieced the top, and did the hand-binding. Amy Qualls-McClure did the quilting.Zoë's Quilt, Obverse

I was also away from home for nearly two months.

I also have two quilts ("Cinder and Smoke" and "Hopscotch") in progress, and hope to finish both before the end of the year.

It's entirely possible that my standards are a bit ridiculous.

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Don't make me pull out the spreadsheet we put together, plotting the number of quilts you make in a year.

I seem to recall that you did a few in 2007/2008. I suspect the number done this year exceeds what you did then.

Live life.


You've had quite the roller-coaster ride, you way want to consider cutting yourself a break!  Your finishes are all gorgeous and as long as you sew with love you're right on track.