Do the dance of joy!

As commanded, the Huntsville geeken shall do the dance of joy today: Elijah Clark Granade 7 lbs., 5 oz. Born oh, right around an hour ago - 8:13 a.m. Central time. No photos yet. Something about the parents wanting time to spend with their newfound kidlet before just handing him over to the local geeks. (Who knew? Picky, picky.) ;) Congratulations to a couple of folks who are going to be most excellent parents (and Misty, who was essentially already a second mother to most of the Huntsvegas geekenry anyway)....and to Andrew, my old, old friend, who has been waiting for a niece or nephew to spoil for a long, long time now. Guess he'll just have to come visit. :D Update, 7:25 p.m.: Does he look like Winston Churchill? You be the judge.

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I'm still without email, so this is how I found out ... but I just had this feeling this morning when I woke up that he was about to be born. Today is a very good day.

Well, Misty emailed her Sprout Updates list late last night to say she was in labor, so it wasn't exactly a surprise. ;)

WOOT!!!! Congradulations Stephen, Misty and Elijah! Welcome to the world!!!

Congratulations on downloading a new tricycle motor!

YAY! :)

You missed the part that said I was without email ... my server spontaneously combusted around noon yesterday, so if you hadn't posted, I'd have been clueless.

Welcome to a totally new world. It's a great place to be :) Congratulations and Stephen...don't worry he isn't fragile. If you have any questions...feel free to contact me. Oh...and a bit of advice. The hospital is going to give you a lot of things like bottles of formula, diapers etc in the bassonet in the room. EMPTY IT...everytime they bring it back. Keep emptying it. That stuff is a lifesaver. Its easy and convenient and less stuff that you will have to purchase/get.

Thanks to all for your well-wishes, visits, phone calls, and so much more. We couldn't do it without you, and wouldn't be able to keep going without the love and support. Jody, you should know I'm a born pack-rat. By the time we came home I'd scammed a good two packs of diapers, some ten instant ice-packs for Misty, alcohol swabs by the handsful, and baby soap. Excellent advice. :)