Hear the 2008 Earworm List!

While joking around with friends on New Year's Eve, a couple of people noted they had NO familiarity whatsoever with most of the artists whose music I loved in 2008.  It occurs to me that, as a webgeek, I have the technology to fix this problem.

Here's how to get a taste of the music I loved in 2008.  Make sure you're logged in to domesticat.net -- hey, openID works, you don't even need a special login for cat.net -- and on this page and the front page, check the sidebar for a link.  I don't want to post the link publicly for search crawlers to find, and right now I don't have audio modules set up on cat.net.

(Note to self: look into that.)  http://domesticat.net/listen

Take a listen. Maybe you'll find something you love. If you do, buy the merch, see a show, put your money where your ears are. Geof can attest to how purchases speak volumes for independent artists.


Vacation days are glorious!  Sure enough, the swftools module made it possible for me to embed music.  It's not as compact as I'd like, but it works until I can figure out how to present it more cleanly.  Moving the file under drupal's control means I'm able to use drupal's access-control system, which pleases me AND pacifies The Marital Siteadmin.

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