A reminder of what it's like...

I'm marking this as 'private' because I don't want to share it with the world -- or, potentially, customers -- but I do also want to remember some of the more jaw-droppingly special moments of working in a support department.

Like this transcript.

Kenny   Also, I'm now totally bald. I'm done fighting the hair that isn't there and now it's gone.
Alex   Pictures or it didn't happen Kenny!
Kenny:   Buzzcut, FTW
Sam:   Kenny: so now you look like this? http://img.chan4chan.com/img/2009-05-01/1241213010177.jpg
Byron:   so much eyebleach needed
Kenny:   Wow
Alex:   OH MY GOD
Sam:   you're welcome
Alex:   Sam, you bastard
Alex:   My eyes
Kenny:   I guess that's what I looked like before the hair was gone?
Alex:   I have to still do work today man
Alex:   How am I ever going to get the blood of my keyboard and screen?
Sam:   hte link has "4chan" in it
Sam:   y'all should know better
Kenny:   I am not sure what's more frightening
Alex:   I should, but clearly I didn't
Kenny:   His nipples or pig nose?
Kenny:   I always hoped there'd never be a day to use the term, "his nipples" but here it is
amyq:   New low, cmd-tabbing back to support chat in time for "His nipples or pig nose?"
Kenny:   Now all we need is George to buzzcut his hair to complete the male support managers' circle
Sam:   wow
Sam:   WOW
Sam:   do NOT
Sam:   google image search
Sam:   for "shaved squirrel"
Sam:   gonna go throw up for a while
Kenny:   Sigh
Kenny:   Oh Sam