A reminder of what it's like...

I'm marking this as 'private' because I don't want to share it with the world -- or, potentially, customers -- but I do also want to remember some of the more jaw-droppingly special moments of working in a support department.

Like this transcript.

Tiger piranha mama kitty ROWR (ouch)

I am not always good at keeping my temper in check. It is a real failing, not the kind of faux failing-that's-actually-a-strength you bring up in a job interview when you're asked, "So what is your greatest weakness?" I've always been aware that the JeffSpouse is a weak spot where my temper is concerned.

Freecycling in Huntsville, Alabama: now with moderator insults!

Y'know, I try to not post here when I'm steamed, but this time I'm steamed and I'm posting. What is here is a transcript of emails between the moderator for the Huntsville (Alabama) Freecycle group and my husband Jeff, posted with his permission.  This is bad, judgmental moderatorship, and the religious overtones included in it make me even angrier, especially considering that we've donated a ton of items through Freecycle. The moderator just doesn't know it because Jeff and I use different domain names for our email addresses, and have different surnames.