A reminder of what it's like...

I'm marking this as 'private' because I don't want to share it with the world -- or, potentially, customers -- but I do also want to remember some of the more jaw-droppingly special moments of working in a support department.

Like this transcript.

Notes for myself: makeup

So I can finally throw away my notes from the consult:

Foundation: NC20
Pressed powder: NW5

Liquid shadow: Canton Candy
Shadow: Shale
Brow gel: Sophisticated
(There are two extra colors for glam use, but I've barely scratched the surface of them in four years. Guess it's not so dire I lost the names of them.)
Mascara: burnt umber for everyday, black for glam

Cheeks: Fantastic Plastic CCB (since discontinued, so I bought extras)

Lip pencil: Spice
Lip color: Viva Glam 5