The actor's gift: when words are unnecessary

We rented sex, lies, & videotape and watched it last night; Jeff for the first time, me for the second time. (See my commentary from when we rented it.)

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Shifting perspective

The difficulty of appreciating a bit of eye candy like Charlie's Angels can be understood a bit better when you find out that I've been considering renting a VHS copy of sex, lies, & videotape so that Jeff can see it.

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It's just an appreciation of an art form!

A bit of an interesting subject came up today while Kat and I were out shopping. It's one that I've pondered for a while, and just don't have any answer or response to.

Last theatre on the right.

As Gareth's workload didn't ease up on him today, I ended up driving alone down to Birmingham to see the 3:50 showing of Memento.

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Cheese food

First, a small definition. Ever noticed that on Velveeta there's a note that says it's "pasteurized processed cheese food." Remember—it's not cheese, it's cheese food - what cheese eats!

Gods, monsters, quills, web design, and etc.

Doesn't seem like I've been paying much attention to my site lately, has it? There is—fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint—much more going on behind the scenes than just a post here or there.

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