Poetry tidbit, stuck in my head

I've been turning this poem by Adrienne Rich over in my head the past few days. It does well to describe what been in my head:

Why I love my siteadmins

An exchange of three emails this morning between me and one of our network admins:

To: Jay and Rich
Subject: Passing on a sitebanned IP (low-priority)

I don't know if [the network admin group for Alabama libraries] contacts ISPs when they see users nosing around for files they shouldn't, but if you do, I've got one for you. Check logs for the past six days for [redacted]

why I married him

Sarcastically muttered near the peanut butter: "Holy shit! Thanksgiving is this week? Why the hell didn't anyone tell me? When did this start getting scheduled in late November?"

Tweet of the week?

Dear friends: it's on. We have a candidate for tweet of the week. This tweet is an example of what happens when you introduce someone to barbecue, send him home to a land where it's not easily obtained, and then taunt him via twitter that you're about to have some of the tasty stuff:


My work here is clearly done.

(I am 'domesticat' on twitter. I have my tweets set to 'protected,' which means you have to request access, but that's easy to do.)

The Maid of La Mancha

I had some advance warning that today was going to be long. I thought it might be interesting to actually document a day in the life of a webmaster. I think many people see it as glamorous, but I've always thought of it as very much a detail-oriented job. A webmaster, if they're doing their job correctly, spends a lot of his/her day chasing down details. Making sure everything's posted, everything's right, everyone's notified and everyone's on the same page.

This is a day in the life of a webmaster who is trying to prepare her library's website for summer reading.

quotable: Bill Buford

I started this habit when Stephen and Misty began returning books to me with little removable flags, like Post-It notes but smaller, affixed to the margins of pages. What a great way to remember something that caught my eye, I thought.Months later, I stumbled across a set of the flags and promptly purchased them, stashing a dispenser or two in the rooms that I typically read in.