Photography showing next week

The photos are going public. Gulp.

My still-unfinished Library 365 project will be shown at the library's fundraising event next Thursday. (The goal is to get to 365; I'm currently at 105, though next week will be so busy I suspect I'll add several more photos.)

Library 365 photos

I'm using the new camera to try out some image goodness. I've not really dusted off my journeyman-level photo skills in quite some time, but the new Nikon D80 begs for it. I decided to give myself a project, so I picked up the Library 365 challenge -- 365 photos about libraries.

Stamps found at the front circulation desk at the main branch of the library.#4 - Stamps, front desk

I at least remember a little of how to do this. My 'eye' was out of practice, but it's slowly getting better. What a joy it is to finally have a digital camera that allows me to stop down on images. That's going to be so much fun next week...