Solstice stories: or, don't I just look effing smart

Well, if you're seeing this, I guess you got my email.

I have no idea what I borked in the upgrade, and I've filed a support ticket, but I doubt I'll see a lot of help with it.  Filing support tix right before Christmas ... fail.

Anyhow.  Most of you know I was sick all last week, but the part I didn't mention in the tweets and the emails was the feeling of detachment, of feeling that I wasn't connecting with the holidays or the people I love, so I decided to be proactive.

Solstice stories: ready when you are

[This entry is restricted, though I could have removed one sentence and made it public.]

If you knew I were writing this list, and I doubt that you do just yet, you would not expect to be on it.  I don't think you've ever seen yourself as important.  I've never known how to change that, but I hold to the belief that you will see it, given time and consistency on my part.

Solstice stories: colors

[This entry, for obvious reasons, is restricted.]

I never expected to have anyone like you in my life. Our story is as improbable as it is salacious, and while I may not be able to talk about it honestly with everyone I know, it still matters to me more than I think you have ever realized.