Solstice stories: or, don't I just look effing smart

Well, if you're seeing this, I guess you got my email.

I have no idea what I borked in the upgrade, and I've filed a support ticket, but I doubt I'll see a lot of help with it.  Filing support tix right before Christmas ... fail.

Anyhow.  Most of you know I was sick all last week, but the part I didn't mention in the tweets and the emails was the feeling of detachment, of feeling that I wasn't connecting with the holidays or the people I love, so I decided to be proactive.

Anthrax Writing Week #1: RV Nation

Over the course of the holiday weekend, Jeff and I paused for a while to watch the space shuttle launch. I watched for both prurient and practical reasons. Not only did I want the shuttle to lift off safely, but I also was beginning to exhibit a senior citizen's "get off my lawn" opinion where the shuttle-gawking RV nation was concerned.

I'm at T minus seven.