love is an open data format

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, and by that I mean "this doesn't have anything to do with Valentine's Day," I present something I love:

Open data formats.

Most of you know I've been logging my listening habits over at for several years now. Some time ago, a nifty gentleman wrote a set of scripts (available at to generate a visual representation of a single user's listening habits over time.

My ears, circa 2005.  Steady listening throughout the year with a major spike in late summer as I prepared a big code release for tech staff.

(Next year -- see graph for 2006)

(Stats recorded at and generated through the nifty service at lastgraph)2005: listening

My ears, circa 2006.  Large code projects in the spring, followed by trips in the early summer, a new job in the fall, and an enormous spike in the winter as the enormity of my task hit me.

(Before and after -- see graphs for 2005 and 2007)

(Stats recorded at and generated through the nifty service at lastgraph)2006: listening

My ears, circa 2007.  Follow along:  big project early in the year, lots of meetings in the summer, vacations in October and December, followed by a sharp spike in workload in January 2008.

(Before and after -- see graphs for 2006 and 2008)

(Stats recorded at and generated through the nifty service at lastgraph)2007: listening

I think I have earlier data saved on files at home, but I'll have to check. Clicking on the files will take you to the larger versions archived on flickr.

OMG vday sux? noooo!

Stephen has struck again. He presents LOLcards for Valentine's Day. My personal favorite? "I devour hearts"

You need this. So do your twisted friends. Spread the meme. :D


Just after midnight, Pacific time. We've played our games of Munchkin, I've infected Debbie with a fascination for the card game Set, and our night is done. I'm not packed, but all the Gessamans are in varying stages of bedding down for a long winter's nap.

It's time to go home.

Twitterlog for January 1, 2008

  • 12:07 AM PT: The west coast slackers have finally hit 2008. Happy new year to any of you who are still sober.
  • 12:41 AM PT: I see you, @crazybutable - hugs to you and your girls. :)
  • 1:55 AM PT: Quiet chat with @adamrg, now snuggled up under greatest blanket gift EVAR. Warm toes and hands? Happy Amy.
  • 8:57 AM PT: Boiling water for tea. Soon, reading as the house wakes up.

Twitterlog for December 31, 2007

  • 11:48 AM PT: Coffee and donuts at Tim Horton's, followed by hugs goodbye. I waited far too long to see these friends.
  • 11:57 AM PT: Crossing bridge in Surrey. Decemberists on the iPod, and a quiet grey sky. Content.
  • 12:24 PM PT: Easiest border interrogation ever. Welcome back to America!
  • 2:26 PM PT: Lunch w/a friend of Adam's whom, I learned, already knew me through my blog!
  • 5:06 PM PT: [] Pacific time -

Pacific time

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite photos of Brad.Brad

How to put this. How to say it in words. How to damp down thought, impression, compulsion into mere vocabulary, and leave it out for the world to see.

I hugged Brad, and I made a squeaky noise. When I had awakened earlier that morning and realized that I would see him and Alice that day, I realized it had been too long since I had seen them. Years too long.