sandals, but no keys

I took the purple-handled scissors and snipped off the 'HSV' tag left on the bag from Jeff's last flight. In the world of baggage, his trumps mine; back, many years ago when my parents gave me a set of inexpensive luggage as a gift, I'm not sure they ever envisioned me flying, much less taking these bags with me.But the bags survived four years of college, more road trips than I can count, and moved with me to Alabama. I learned just how frustrating it was to cart unwheeled baggage through Atlanta's Hartsfield airport.


Today's musical obsessions: "dark and long" by Underworld, and "Satellite" by BT.

I'm mostly packed at this point. I should be sleeping right now, but I'm a wee bit excited and I'm also talking to Brad. I've got everything packed except my toiletries, which I'll throw in tomorrow morning before we leave.

Looking east

I just booked my tickets for my October trip out to D.C.

This is going to be a most excellent trip. As I just said to Andy: "Sunburns, exhaustion, blistered feet, getting lost, airports, airplanes, renting cars…I do this why?"