Twitterlog for December 30, 2007

  • 8:13 AM PT: Waiting on tea, talking to Bill and Debbie. A bit bewildered - they aren't who I flew to see.
  • 9:58 AM PT: Coping with a bad case of the jitters.
  • 10:40 AM PT: The roadtrip with the Amazing Gessaman Brothers begins. (heeheehee)
  • 11:33 AM PT: Hello from Bellingham, WA. I hear there will be beer!
  • 12:49 PM PT: First beer buzz acquired before crossing border. *hic*
  • 1:11 PM PT: Jake: "Neck beards are terrorism."

Twitterlog for December 29, 2007

  • 12:03 AM PT: Introversion: the deep and abiding need for a room with a door one can close.
  • 10:58 AM PT: Erranding after a quiet morning of phone calls to home and peeps.
  • 11:55 AM PT: Granite Falls, Washington. It is staggeringly pretty here. That's all I can say.
  • 7:38 PM PT: Plan B, I think.
  • 8:06 PM PT: Still grokking that I get to drink with Mr. Canspice tomorrow! OMFG.

Twitterlog for December 28, 2007

  • 6:03 AM PT: Not funny. Why am I awake at 6am PST? Oh, right. Jet lag. GRR.
  • 6:09 AM PT: @itarille I agree. So why are we up?
  • 6:24 AM PT: I'm revisiting a childhood memory of loving to read by the fire. *tailthump*
  • 9:57 AM PT: Seattle outing with the intrepid Gessaman boys. Grinning stupidly.
  • 1:39 PM PT: @itarille I have jasmine dragon phoenix pearls for you...
  • 1:47 PM PT: Marooned in tea shop. Hoping @adamrg will toss me a rope.

Twitterlog for December 27, 2007

  • 1:16 AM CT: Hint, if American Airlines calls at one a.m., the news isn't good. Rebooked to 8am flight. Pissed. Sleepy.
  • 1:37 AM CT: Edmund attempts to show love and solidarity by licking my eyelid. This is going to be one of THOSE trips, innit?
  • 2:18 AM CT: "Mom, Edmund beat me up and took my lunch money. Cuddle me?" - Tenzing, just now.
  • 3:00 AM CT: @gfmorris I'm up b/c of airline stupidity. I expect an equally good reason out of you, sir!

Twitterlog for December 26, 2007

  • 3:59 PM CT: Ooof. I have to be awake again in twelve hours.
  • 5:14 PM CT: Delight is, the night before a big trip, remembering where your 25-year-old camera bag was stored! :D
  • 05:35 PM CT: Well damn. I'm all packed and it's only 5:30. This 'preparedness' thing is odd, yet comforting.
  • 08:24 PM CT: Cat lying on small spiral notebook knows something's fishy tonight, and not in that kitty treat way.

Life's rich pageant, &c.

I board a plane for the Beer and Cheese Tour of Seattle at six a.m. next Thursday.

(Have you guys noticed over the past few years that every trip, project, etc. always seems to get a title after it's been in my life a while? By naming it, I bring it into existence. Or something.)