Murphy's Law, redux

Phone call from my mother: it's confirmed. My father has pancreatic cancer. The biopsy this afternoon will determine how bad it is, and whether or not it has spread.

Plan B begins now.

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i'm sorry to hear this. you'll have my prayers.

I'm so sorry. I will keep your father in my prayers.

Why the hell am I writing on your site? I don't know the answer to that. I just talked to you on the phone, and yet ... I can say for sure and certain that perhaps the most life-shaking experience in the world is the possibility that you'll lose a parent. I don't care how close you are or how estranged you've become ... they're still god-like in our child-like eyes to us, indestructible beings that never get sick long enough to matter and can Kiss It and Make It Better. But this is why you have friends. They're not family, but they have made the conscious choice to spend time with you. Friends will stay with you in such times.

my thoughts are with your family. *hugs*

This is something that no one would ever wish upon their worst enemy, to have a parent diagnosed with cancer. I admire my sister-in-law and her whole family because they dealt with cancer for 7 years. For 7 years, they didn't know if they would see their grandfather/father/husband the next day and yet they were strong enough to go on with their lives and cherish every precious moment they had with him. That is true courage. I know that your family will get through this and perhaps it will pull you guys together and make your relationship stronger for it. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. *hug*

Just to let you know that you are also in my thoughts and prayers. My family has had its share of cancer through the years. We'll be thinking about you. *hug*

I hope for you it hasn't spread and he will recover. *huggles*

I just stumbled on your site today. I am sorry about the bad news. You and your parents will be in my prayers. Be strong.

I'm very sorry to hear about your father. I'm don't think this is the time to do it but, I wanted to say thank you for keeping GM alive. It's a great cgi, and worth maintaining. I will be donating next pay White light and good vibes your way... <+=Jason (BrainLifter)

there are no words. just prayers. sorry

Your family is in my prayers.

Really sorry to hear about your Dad. I recently had similar news about my own father, so although I wouldn't wish it on anyone in a million years, it was comforting to see someone else going through the same thing.