Seven Words: the game

I'm in the middle of working up words and photos from last week's vacation. In the meantime, I'm in the mood for a bit of a word game, if anyone's interested in tossing in a bit of help.

The game du jour: Seven Words. The original idea is to select seven words, though I don't guarantee I'll go to (or stop at) seven. Each individual word will be used as the basis for a piece of writing, with an explanation at the end of how the story was derived from the word.

Since I'm still a bit tired from the drive, and don't expect to have any photos processed or vacation entries written before tomorrow night at the earliest, now would be a good time to start up a game. Suggest words - interesting or mundane, whatever strikes you - and I (or someone else) will pick out a few and we'll go from there.

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"rain storm" or just, "storm" if you prefer. i came by to thank you for your tutorial on skins, it was very helpful. :)

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hockey :)

Tintinnabulation. I dare you. ;)

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No one has said it ... beer.

plethora or huggermugger!

Noah, that's when you get a little French comic stuck in your ear, right?

Brad - I thought that was a mimeograph. Oh, and defenestrating! We *must* have defenestrating. Tatterdemalion wouldn't hurt, either.

*heh* I -heart- you guys. I knew you'd take this as a personal challenge. :)

ponderous, ponderous ...

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bing Whether you choose to use this in the Crosby or cherry sense is up to you.

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mellifluous lugubrious Bonus points for "mellifluously lugubrious".

bard you are just being maliciently lugubrious, there is nothing melliflous about it.

Miasma Vibration Purification Simultaneous Colour Transformation Tension

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Viagra! Metaphysical! Astrophysical! What, no Russian, Andy?

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