Freed from the constraints of actually being forced to pay for the photos they take, new owners of digital cameras generally begin to snap photos of every single thing they can get their hands on.

Me, I'm not even restricted to things I can get my hands on. Thus the advent of a new category, "rice-rice-baby," dedicated to finding the most tasteless, frighteningly-customized money pits out on the road these days.Since I'm going to Atlanta this weekend, I look forward to finding more of them. But…as I was working through the photos I took in metro D.C., I found these three photos, and I think they're just too delicious not to post.

First, the little Honda we spotted on the way to Ikea. I'm clueless of much beyond that, but I do know one thing - stock Honda taillights aren't blue. I thought the dual license plates were a nice touch, as was the handy little step the driver added (to make it easier to get into this already-lowered car).

rice_backFlickr rice_sideFlickr

(Many thanks to Andy for seriously stepping on the gas in Beltway traffic to let me get a side shot of the car.)

Lastly, I present the crown jewel find:


Tthe racing truck. Words honestly fail me. What are those orange things on the sides? Why did he cover up the entire back windshield? Does he honestly think this is cool? Is he even thinking at all?

The world may never know.


The Baltimore/DC area is rather light on rice. Even though Hilo's only got about 40,000 people, it's got way more rice. I thought the way you guys were always talking about it that every third car would be riced out. I think I saw two today. In Hilo I see at least five on my 20-minute bike ride to work.

I've lived in DC all of my life... and it's true. There's not much rice. The rice we do have is pretty bipolar. I've seen some nice BMW M3s and Honda S2000s, but those aren't actually riceburners. When I talk about "rice", I mean "cheap cars that have been reinvented to look cheaper than its initial conception". Here are some more riceburners for your enjoyment: http://www.uncompiled.org/gallery/riceburners