Holding pattern

New music: John Mayer's album, Room For Squares. After hearing a song of his on Radio Paradise, I went digging, first for mp3s and then for a copy of the album. David Gray meets Dave Matthews, I think, but with a nice little touch of local Georgia music scene.I listened to it today while working on getting the CDs ripped—at last, at last, they are all ripped! Jeff and I have spent a lot of time lately ferrying CD cases from our CD rack to our computers. The last one finished ripping this evening. Judging from the mind-boggling amount of hard drive space these files take up, I think it's safe to say that we've got a legitimate little addiction to music here.

Some days, the insights don't come; you look up at the end of the day and realize that you spent it living, not thinking. Somewhere between the chores and the CD-ripping and the stroganoff and cats and spouse and being a daughter and a friend and answering phone calls and paying bills and just handling the daily events of life, I forgot to think about the things that were supposed to be important.

Instead, I watched a movie with my spouse and shared dinner with a friend and for once, took my pile of clean socks off the bed and put them up instead of just throwing them on the floor.

That's progress, right?

I have a friend coming up for a visit later this week, and a gathering scheduled for this weekend. I hear rumors that Rick is coming up for his final spring break (the joys of apartment-hunting!) and just lots of little things that need doing.

Today was, indeed, just another day. Given how many days I've had lately that were quite the opposite, I'm not going to argue one bit.


Nope. And then you got on the phone with me ... and it all went to hell from there. :( C'est la vie.

Yeah, the Mayer CD is great. Our drummer introduced me to them a couple of months ago. We plan on covering Neon sometime soon. "What ever happened to my lunchbox."

Oh, man, that's my favorite line from "83." I started just howling with laughter. It was so bizarre and yet...it fit. "Neon" is probably my other favorite song from the album. Wasn't my favorite at first, but it's grown on me.