New search capability: comments

At long last - you can now search through entries and comments on domesticat. I know, I know, this feature has been years in coming, and I know that a couple of you (*ahem*Geof*ahem*) have been wanting this feature implemented for quite a while now.

It should be fairly obvious how the searching works. Unfortunately, until I have an epiphany on how to combine the searches, you're going to be stuck with two separate searches for entries and comments. (Complaints will be entertained from those who attach applicable PHP/mySQL code to their complaint form. Forms available in my living room. See Fang for details.)

After finishing this feature, I ran some stats on tonight and learned that there are 480,947 words in the 892 posts I've made here since June 2000. Those of you playing the home game will do the math and recognize that number as being somewhere in the area of four to six complete novels.

I find that number highly disturbing. Even if you assume that 99% of what I write is utter crap, mathematical deduction says there are nearly five thousand words here that might be worth reading. Hrm. I wonder how many times I used the word 'and'? That has to account for at least half the number...

As usual, feel free to give the search engine a whack; post a comment if you encounter breakage.

Remember, anyone can install a premade CMS. It takes a special insanity to build your own from scratch. Pity us. Remember, we have no one to whine to but ourselves when things break.

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Yay, no more "search string" in Google any more. I can run up Gareth's CPU bill instead! :D

"Remember, anyone can install a premade CMS. It takes a special insanity to build your own from scratch." I should have that quote mounted on a plaque.