Atom feed now available

Hey, if you wanted more syndication options, all you had to do was ask, jeez! (Ok, so I actually remembered to check my 404 logs.) Those of you who are needing more goodness, but haven't bothered to check the dropdown box for linkage...well, there are a few options:

As always, there's the handy-dandy email notify list for those of you who get your jollies that way.

There. Now my 404 log will quit filling up with requests from for my Atom feed. Bosh. Whippersnappers.

If I haven't covered your syndication format-o'-choice, leave me a comment and let me know which one you're jonesing for. I'll file your request with the secretary whenever the wench decides to return from lunch.


You haven't published in RSSSS, or Really Simple Smoke Signal Syndication. You're clearly going to hell for that.