Yesterday was a good day

Sean is being kind enough to loan me his extensive CD collection for today. I'm using this quiet morning to create new CDs to listen to at work. This pleases me immensely. If you've peeked in on the catcam then you know that I spend most of my working day with my headphones on. New music is always welcome.

I've got a dishwasher full of dishes that need doing now. I'll get to them in a little while; Jeff is still sleeping and I'd hate to wake him up. So I'm in here, writing a domesticat entry a bit earlier in the day than usual.

Brad pointed me to his site yesterday. His ranting commentary for September 22nd contained a paragraph that really just summed up why I've done my best to keep this guy in my life since first corresponding with him in 1994:

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As the Jam gears up

It's a bit odd to be sitting here right now. Big Spring Jam is quickly gearing up—Huntsville's annual music festival is less than half a block away from where I'm sitting right now. I've been listening to Michael McDonald do his soundcheck. There's a surreal quality to all this.

Sean has arrived. We spent a good while pestering each other today while I was ostensibly working.

Random thoughts of the day...

on music…
While headed out for lunch today, an old comment that I read once popped into my head unbidden. I remember reading some music critic discussing the differences [s]he perceived between Mozart and Beethoven. (At least, I think it was Beethoven.) The description of the difference: while Beethoven's work sounds carefully composed and constructed, Mozart's work had an aura of uncreation—almost as if he had just found the music whole and entire, and done nothing except write it down.

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Workday thoughts

Whee! Today I'm working (again) on my proposed redesign for my company's website. I've put in a LOT of hours on this. It's my fourth design for these guys—I've not been very happy with my previous three. This one, I think, has possibly got the goods. It's still way down deep in alpha, but you can see it on the screenshot for today (September 7).

In review: Sting concert

(Taken from an email to Andy.)

So here's the deal on last night's Sting concert. Smooth and polished and practiced, exactly as we expected. I predicted the concert almost exactly—1¾ hours, two encores, didn't do any Police tunes until the encores.

(I actually predicted an hour and a half, two encores, and Police tunes only during the encores. Pretty close, eh?)I would've liked a bit more interaction with the audience, but it was a good show. He featured a lot more material from Blue Turtles than I would've expected—the entire show actually had a strong jazz feel to it. Lots of soloing—he had a fab trumpeter and keyboardist and used them both well.

It was unbelievably hot. It was 103 in B'ham yesterday. Luckily we only caught the tail end of the day, but it was muggy and hot and everyone was absolutely sweat-drenched.

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Concert goodness


I have tickets to the Sting concert on Tuesday.
I also have tickets to the Dave Matthews Band / Vertical Horizon concert on Labor Day.

Kick ass.

*goes back to work*

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