Bisexual Hot Chicks and the Porn Principle

Wow! Gentle readers, we have yet another winner in the "pester me once and I'll ignore you, pester me twice, and I post your words on my website and my friends make ruthless fun of you" category known as "stupid IM transcripts." That and, quite frankly, it's a Monday, and as we all know, at least 90% of all funny jokes are not funny on Mondays.

Thus, we do what we must to make the Monday bearable.

Are you looking for a secret encounter?

It's just criminal, these days - a girl can't even settle in to write a good chunk of PHP without being asked if she wants to have an affair. Whatever is the world coming to? How will I ever manage to get this silly alphabetizing function to work properly?

Today's winner is Yahoo account jon4hotfunn, whose profile (or complete and utter lack of it) can be found here - perhaps we should all say hello?

Transcript: 'completely scientifical'

Everyone needs some Monday morning humor. Unsurprisingly, mine came from yet another Huntsville-area native who felt the need to be, well, inane.

I admit it. I'm old school. I post a link to my website in my profile. If you haven't even looked at it prior to contacting me, it's going to show. Questions like "how are you?" are questions that will be honestly answered if they're asked by a friend. "How are you?", when asked as an opening gambit because you don't know anything else about me, virtually guarantees that you've gotten off on the wrong foot.

We have our next victim on line one...

When I checked email after making dinner tonight, I found what was the start of this not-quite conversation. Perhaps I should have pursued it harder. It would have been funnier if I had.

web sites can do more damage than women (part II)

I never expected this guy to show up again. I have to wonder, was last time's tongue-lashing not enough for this guy? I'm starting to think that this guy is just a glutton for punishment. That, or he's not scoring nearly as often as he'd like us to think he is.

Again - this is his real Yahoo screen name. Can't say that I feel the need to change it; this guy needs protection far beyond a level that changing his screen name would give.

web sites can do more damage than women

Screen names are unchanged, for those of you needing a little inspiration in your life.