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Official "Make Fun Of Amy" Day

Just so you all know - commenting should work properly on now. Suffice it to say I'm a dork, and I should be a bit more careful when I upload files. Carry on. Comment, or something. (I already hear you getting ideas, Mr. Cavanagh. Quiet, you.)

While I have your attention, I'd also like to note that should I get my hands on the previous owners of this house (preferably while in the jurisdiction of a country that has no laws on murder) I really should do some unspeakable things to their corpses.

Just to make a point.

Names wanted

I'm thinking of extending my oh-so-geeky touch a bit further out into this InterWebNet thingy, and could use an opinion or two.

As most of you longtime readers know, isn't exactly your home for the latest and greatest linkfood. (All adverbs, all the time!) I've toyed with the idea of creating something shorter and snappier - a place to just post links.

Your questions are….

...and we're back!

Welcome back from the rather suddenly-imposed hiatus, everyone! Glad to see that a few of you are still around and kicking. We at casa domesticat are doing the happy dance, now that our web server is back online.I'm pleased to report that you've missed virtually nothing in the meantime. The cats are still rotten, the house is a bit cleaner than it was last week, and everyone (except Gareth) has gone home (alas, geekfest is over…).

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Brad strikes again...

Brad announces that he's getting ADSL soon. That means I have to get back to work on domesticat.

What many of you don't see is that Brad's been responsible for me doing many of the cool things to domesticat that I've done over the past year. The friendly design rivalry between us extends back for almost the entire time I've known him.It began as a geeky game of one-upsmanship: upon seeing what one person had done to their site, the changes inspired the other to make similar changes to theirs—and then go a step further.

Thus domesticat went from a static page to a dynamic one. PHP and strict style sheet usage got thrown into the mix. Song lists were shown. Favicons. Daily entries. Better graphics, quicker download times, more cohesive themes. Search functions. Webcams (I swear mine will return soon).

New stuff

I've put some new stuff up on domesticat. These are things I've had on castrovalva but just haven't had a chance to move over. So, if you saw these on castrovalva, don't bother looking—it's the same stuff. I've added travel pictures and cat pictures.

Heather cracks me up. She told me this evening that she spent a little while today just watching the three webcams. Mine, Brad's, and Sean's.

What's really scary is that all three of us spent most of the day doing the same thing—head propped up on one hand, staring into our monitor screens. Three people—one in Huntsville, one in Atlanta, and one in Victoria—and they might as well all be one image.

This, for some reason, cracks me up.

I didn't understand why people watched my webcam until my friends put up cams. ("Hey! He moved! Did something interesting happen?")

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