Put your E's where the speed ain't

Were it even remotely steamy, it could be called something along the lines of a rendezvous, but let's be realistic about who we're talking about here. Me. Instead, this afternoon could best be termed "sneaking off to see a movie with a fellow movie geek." I don't exactly specialize in salacious excitement (if that hasn't become blatantly obvious by now, there's just no teaching you).

Professionalism and weekend planning

Y'know, maybe it's just me, but when I was preparing to enter in the work world, I had it drilled into my head over and over that professionalism isn't just about a mindset—it's about how you present yourself, in all forms of communication.

Now, granted, I often deliberately break professionalism rules to make a point—but when I do so, it's obvious, and the points are generally well-made. However, I really have to wonder about people who seem to have lived with their heads in the sand for the past decade…so much that the way they present themselves is so lacking that you have trouble taking them seriously.I've run into this with a person that I've got dealings with at work right now. Obviously, I'm going to be circumspect and not name names, but this person could use some back instruction on how to conduct business in today's world.

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