Come. You must.

I will be dropping off the grid for a few days later this week, and staying with friends. I'm not posting this publicly because I don't feel like broadcasting that the house is empty, but I'm disclosing to those with accounts on, and posting a redacted version on my friends-locked facebook account.

This trip was planned before Jeff's accident, but its purpose has changed. Previously, it was a lighthearted, casual trip; now it is a lifeline. I need time to grieve, mourn, be angry, be quiet ... whatever my heart needs, without the constant need for a Brave Public Face.

Delft Punk

23 September 2010 to 12 January 2013
Dan's little one!
Rose star
Level of completion: 
Completed and given away

Delft Punk has had a placeholder on my site for a long time, because I haven't known what to do with it, and I haven't known who it was for. I know that this project has been my travel project for a couple of years, and only recently have I started working on it with any degree of fervor.

I know that I initially bought fabric for it in Minnesota, because I saw a set of Delft blue fabrics I liked. I put them aside for ages, and then something made me decide to tackle it using English paper piecing.

This layout came from Denver, where I was attending a conference a year ago:

Friday music, holy water, Van Gogh, borscht

I'm a bit more careful about broadcasting my location these days, but now that I'm -- uh, back in Alabama? -- I'll say that I had a good time in Minnesota. I should post some pictures, shouldn't I? First up, though, a gentle bit of listening pleasure for your Friday. Guster still sounds like Guster, but the images in this video are the real winner.

Minneapolis, MN twitterlog for Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm in Minneapolis, trying my hand at actually vacationing for a change. Here's what I've been up to: