DrupalCon Paris: Amy's notes, day 1

If you are not at drupalcon or are not a drupal user, feel free to skip this post entirely.  These are just my notes from the sessions I attended.

Social butterflies in Paris

I know my friends were concerned about the tweet I left last night about wanting to come home, and I realized this morning there was no way I could explain what was going on in my head in under 140 characters.  I could say "I'm homesick," but that puts a cheap and easy spin on something I recognize is not either cheap nor easy.

Tales of the Furlough #2: temporal displacement

Tickets are booked to Paris; tickets are booked to San Francisco.

We will be six in San Francisco, with tagalong extras depending on the day and the inclination of our local friends.  We have nebulous plans:  look for us in the cheap seats at the Giants-Astros game on July 4.  I'll be the one in the bleachers with the beer; that's all you need to find me in the crowd, right?  We'll do a night tour of Alcatraz and I'll relearn the San Francisco bus system and pictures, pictures, pictures!

"Because it's Paris, bitch."

I made my final decision regarding drupalcon Paris this morning. In the time since I've known about the location of the event I've gone back and forth on the question until it felt like madness and whiplash. Do I spend the money? Is it worth it? How will I explain to my friends? Am I right to burn vacation days on this madness?

Until this morning, I had plausible deniability and weasel words.  "I think I'm going," I would say. "Not sure, though."