Solstice stories: or, don't I just look effing smart

Well, if you're seeing this, I guess you got my email.

I have no idea what I borked in the upgrade, and I've filed a support ticket, but I doubt I'll see a lot of help with it.  Filing support tix right before Christmas ... fail.

Anyhow.  Most of you know I was sick all last week, but the part I didn't mention in the tweets and the emails was the feeling of detachment, of feeling that I wasn't connecting with the holidays or the people I love, so I decided to be proactive.

Thus, 'solstice stories' - the stories of the people I love.  Some of them are people I have been involved with.  Some are dear friends, old friends, new friends, the random and the mundane and all people who just matter.  There won't be names, not at first, but at Suzan's suggestion I think I'll post a set of photos at the end to help put faces with the stories.

Sorry I haven't written lately.  I think I need to start really using the private-entries feature.  There's a lot to say, but most of it just isn't for public consumption right now.


This is a great project. I felt literally unbalanced reading the first of these I found. My vertigo started to fade as I realized it was not actually written to me specifically, but I am still not quite myself yet after reading the stories you have written so far.

You're tackling something I should have done years ago. Kudos.