Sloganize the Huntsvegas metropolis!

I shared this with a few people last night but it's worth re-linking here.  The Huntsville Times is running a tongue-in-cheek contest to provide new slogans for our sleepy, geeky city. The current suggestions are here.

My favorites:

  • Huntsville: We Vote No on Yes. (Ask anyone who lives here for a frustrated, maddening explanation involving the horrible Alabama constitution and human stupidity)
  • Huntsville: Home of the Most Romantic Engineers in the World. (Hi, spouse!)
  • Huntsville: Have we eaten Madison yet? (*burp* We have you surrounded! Come out with your McMansions up!)
  • We do SO have mountains (although they look like big hills)
  • We do SO have traffic (but only on I-565 during rush hour)
  • Huntsville: If there was suddenly world peace, we'd all be out of business! (The truth of this statement disturbs me)

...and my favorite?

Huntsville: Unfortunately, it's surrounded by Alabama.


I was going to post one similar to your last one until I saw it :)

Huntsville: Because when the world ends, it will really be Alabama's fault.

Huntsville: We love our Ketchup.

Huntsville: Just past the Sock capitol of the world.

Huntsville: What is it good for? War! :)

My faves from that list:

1) We ARE rocket scientists

2) Tornado 'warning' means duck!

3) Just ignore that booming sound

(#3 because I lived 1/2 mile from Wyle Labs when they had that huge accident in the middle of the night - when it feels like an earthquake in AL, it'll wake you up)