Sloganize the Huntsvegas metropolis!

I shared this with a few people last night but it's worth re-linking here.  The Huntsville Times is running a tongue-in-cheek contest to provide new slogans for our sleepy, geeky city. The current suggestions are here.

My favorites:

Madison County ballot for 2009 election year

For those of my friends living in Madison County, Alabama, the Madison County Circuit Clerk's office has made the 2009 sample ballot available in PDF format.  Get it, study it, do your research on the minor races and cast an informed vote.

zomg right-on lolcat

Starlady nails it in one. They're on to me. Blast!

(photo is SFW)

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Dear reader...

In lieu of the entry I'm actually taking time to write and edit and revise and actually think about, I present linkfood.

'In Teh Beginning' (lolcats meets inexplicable meets ... uh, you'll see)

From Colter: 'How To Get Your Love On' on relationships:

teh linkyfood, it wubs me

In the guise of aliveness, I present two things:THING THE FIRST: should you wish to continue the harmless cycle of attention-whoreness that Valentine's Day perpetuates, consider doing Valentines online. If for no other reason that if I see my friends doing this online, I'll feel less guilty about not sitting down and actually designing/printing/mailing actual creative/funny/amusing/thoughtful/touching/smarmy Vallies on my own.

Autumn winds always drift me into yarn shops

A roundup of links that have no real bearing whatsoever on anyone who isn't me, but which, when collected, bear a vague resemblance to a substantive post:

Usually what's fun & educational for the kids in Atlanta entertains the kid-minded adult, so this list of interesting free-ish kid stuff to do in Atlanta appeals mightily. There's plenty-o-nifty in that there town.