Make a wish, and connect the arrow

Since pixels don't come with smell-o-vision, I must tell you that these words are being typed in a quiet house that smells of fresh salsa and roasting bell peppers.  The laptop (old, beaten up) is positioned so as to block out the setting sun, which does not come directly through my front door but close enough to force my pupils to readjust.  I have a small party to be at in an hour's time.  I must not be late, so I must write fast and speak rightly the first time.

The place, now: Huntsville, Alabama.
The place, then: rural Arkansas.

Madison County ballot for 2009 election year

For those of my friends living in Madison County, Alabama, the Madison County Circuit Clerk's office has made the 2009 sample ballot available in PDF format.  Get it, study it, do your research on the minor races and cast an informed vote.

Metaphorically speaking

Via Think Progress:

A senior campaign aide who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity admitted that Palin’s knowledge of Russia may be limited to the way someone from Miami might obtain a general feel for Latin America.

“It is very much being able to look off the tip of Alaska,” the aide said. “Metaphorically, I’m talking about.”

I'm considering nominating my cat for vice-president.  He certainly seems qualified now.

...and in Prairie View, they march

Seen on this article at the Burnt Orange Report:

1000 students, along with an additional 1000 friends and supporters, are this morning [Tuesday, Feb 19] walking the 7.3 miles between Prairie View and Hempstead in order to vote today.

Or see yesterday's aerial shots of them walking.