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An update for those of you who do not keep up with me on Twitter or Facebook. I am alive. Our house is undamaged. Those of you who know my street address will understand why I am broadcasting this message as widely as possible. I was very close to the EF-4 tornado that took out a chunk of East Limestone County as well as the Anderson Hills subdivision in northwestern Madison County.

Tenzing and the make-out square...

This is why I love the little catnip squares Heather showed me how to make. Tenzing adores his almost beyond reason or comprehension:

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Calling all catnip-heads

As part of setting up my sewing room, I've discovered that I have a ton of goofy silly fun cat fabric:


I've set up a page at for some of the questions I get over and over when I'm working on quilts for someone. I wanted to demystify a bit of the terminology and process of making one. I've told people that for te most part it's more painstaking than difficult. You don't have to be a technical master, but you do have to be accurate in your cutting and sewing.

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We have a winner!

The correct answer to "How much did UAB bill Blue Cross Blue Shield for Jeff's stay?" was $557,501.66, which means our winner is Susanna Leberman, assistant archivist at the Huntsville - Madison County Public Library. Her guess: $550,013. Well played!

Susanna works on the same floor of HMCPL as I do, and has followed a lot of my quilts from beginning to completion. Since she works in the library archives, she has a strong interest in historical preservation, and says that she didn't get a quilt when she got married ten years ago.

Thank you, all of you, for helping turn $557,501.66 from a jaw-dropping, heartbreaking number into something that has good connotations for me, for Susanna, and for Jeff's family. I could TOTALLY be convinced to do this again when the HealthSouth tally arrives. :)