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The Island of Misfit Quilts (Quilt Blogger's Festival)

(Note that this entry is for the spring 2011 Quilt Bloggers' festival. Those of you who read regularly have seen this quilt and these photos before.)

Things that make me happy

Susanna, the winner of the quilt contest, with her newly-arrived quilt top:

Cats, quilts, etc.

A few quick updates...

Bessie Jane arrived today. In an odd twist of fate, given the [likely] maker's maiden name -- Spurlock -- she was probably a distant relative of Jacob's. Yeah, Jacob, my quilty co-conspirator. Now, admittedly, when I bid on this quilt top on ebay, I felt confident in its quality, but I can tell you that when I opened the box today, I was delighted at its condition and quality.

It was this, or opposable thumbs

Since I tend to speak for the cats a lot, I thought I'd make it official.

(also, I'm helping the creator of the Twitter Blackbird module for Drupal test a D6 version.)

Closet thoughts

I didn't totally feel like losing my lunch on the Day of Tornadoes™ until the meteorologist said in a panicked tone, "This is a large wedge tornado..." and paused to get a fix on where it would hit next. He rattled off the names of the middle school and the high school and said, "I think it's going to come right between them...if that's where you are, you need to be in your safe place RIGHT NOW."

Care to guess where my house was?

A powerless time

After six nights in the dark, my power returned last night. I am immensely grateful that my house escaped the widespread devastation that can be found in my community. I've posted my photos of the devastation and its aftermath to Flickr; I did not seek out damage for photography purposes, but it was everywhere I went. it took a few days to rescue Tenzing from the vet's, thanks to this mess in front of their building: