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So close, so close, so close.

Right now, "Eat This Quilt" is, for lack of a less appropriate phrase, so close to being done that I can almost taste it. Hallie invited me over last night to do some crafting, and I brought it with me to work on weaving in loose threads.

We draped the quilt over the ottoman and couch while I was taking a water break, and it seemed a good time to snap a photo:

Show your nerd! (NPR's science fiction / fantasy book poll)

Over on Facebook, Jenny posted NPR's recent results of their Top 100 science fiction / fantasy book poll. (Printable booklist is here.) I'm including links to help combat the blowback from the "BBC thinks you've only read X of these books!" memes that have come around, amidst much shouting...

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I make constant snark about Tenzing, but I couldn't say "free to good home" and mean it. We are companionable, he and I. We spend a great deal of time annoying each other, as these photos attest:

Taking no chances here...

This may be overkill, but here's a way to be absolutely certain that my wishes are honored. This morning, I initiated paperwork to arrange for Brian Richardson to have medical, legal, and financial power of attorney in case I am incapacitated. Suzan Richardson will be his alternate (though my expectation is that they would make decisions together).

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More twitter tests on shuttle launch day

I'm retesting the twitter_blackbird module to see if I can track down the glitches I saw last time, but in the meantime, here are my two favorite tweets from the morning:

The secret life of ... Edmund?

Fair warning, it's not all that great of a video, and as an extra bonus you get to hear the froggy goofy Morning Voice, but this is what Mr. Bitey is like when it's just me. If this is what he's like after I had time to fumble out the cell phone camera and turn it on, you can imagine the amount of silly air biscuit goodness you missed prior to the video.

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