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Three to get ready, now go cat go!

My last day at the library will be October 14th.

After doing nine (nine!) interviews with Acquia, I will be joining them as part of their support team. I suspect my start date will be November 1.

Yes, that was the trip to Boston. No, we aren't moving. I'll be in Boston periodically, but I'll be working from home.

It was a surprisingly emotional and painful decision. Even with two months to think about it during the interview process, it was never a simple choice.

More soon. I need chocolate and a hug. Or a drink. Or something.

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Home, sweet home

I knew I'd flown one too many times this past week when I walked up to the coffee stand and said, "Oh, when did the coffee machine break? It was working when I was here a few days ago..."

I spent a few days in Washington DC, at Matthew's house. It was an actual vacation, albeit a short one. I felt vaguely ashamed at how I roosted on the couch for the entire weekend, barely moving, but I wasn't ashamed enough to actually get up and do something about it.

My vantage point:

One for the money, two for the show

Two trips coming up. I'm in a frantic rush right now, looking to my to-do list every few minutes to make sure I'm accomplishing the Things That Must Be Done, for the countdown to takeoff is looming in my ears.

I'll be hitting the East Coast for both trips; one trip is business and the other is pleasure. I'll mark "Massachusetts" off my to-do list of states, and that's a win, right?

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Save me, interlibrary loan!

I wised up with my book purchases some time ago. I realized I liked looking at craft books more than I liked owning them; I have a small-but-growing stack, and a realization that I don't actually need to keep many books. Keeping books leads them to eventually be part of cataloging and Keeping Up With and then sadly part of Clean ALL The Things. Those just aren't as fun.

My rationale: save my book-purchase money for the books that I just can't get through interlibrary loan, or books where $book->value > $cleanALLthethings->time.

Even the cat is sleepy

It was one of those Clean ALL The Things weekends. (If you've never read the comic that inspired that statement, stop now, go read it, and then come back here.)

After a bench scraper, lots of bleach, elbow grease, and the passage of time, my kitchen is no longer a disaster zone. I had to resist the urge to lie on my countertops, to attempt to cuddle with them.

No charge, no sale

I've had a couple of projects on my mind today, projects I haven't added to my quilt list or spoken much about, but which have been difficult to stop thinking about. One has been brewing behind the scenes for a while, and another I just committed to today.