Your truck might smell of rice ...

If you need to put not one, but five, Planet Audio stickers on it

If your camper shell has an emblem on it that could only be described as a flaming squid

If you think changing the taillights and wheels on your Nissan V6 makes it look faster

I just wish the photos of the riced Monte Carlo I saw in Atlanta hadn't been too blurry to post. Anyone who is silly enough to 1) stick a wing and 2) paint checkered flags on a Monte Carlo deserves to be ridiculed on some site.

Meanwhile, the sleek German squirrels and I will continue to prowl about town with our camera.


Taking pictures while driving is an excellent way to drive, believe-you-me.

Excuse me, I am sorry. You weren't driving while taking pictures. But you should. I am sorry. Björk is sorry. Mr. Finklestein is not, but he doesn't count. His red hat makes him have misfortunes. Sorry.

Heh. Yeah, I was about to point out that 1) these were taken in a parking lot and 2) I was in the front passenger seat of Sean's car at the time. It's all good that Björk is sorry, but what I really want to know - is Eminem sorry? Eminem or nothin'. :)