rice rice baby

In sickness and in stealth

Day One: attempt to die of unknown stomach ailment (currently assumed to be food poisoning). Fail miserably. Day Two: Attempt recovery. Most of said 'attempt' involved the regular ingestion of aspirin to make my body believe that its true temperature was closer to 98.6°F than 101.2°F.

Memo: wings STILL not cool

Here's hoping that the 'rice' section of the site takes on a life of its own. After I started posting photos of the excruciatingly dumb things that people willingly do to their cars, Jeremy immediately piped up and said, "I have a couple of photos for you…"

…and what winners they are!


Put your E's where the speed ain't

Were it even remotely steamy, it could be called something along the lines of a rendezvous, but let's be realistic about who we're talking about here. Me. Instead, this afternoon could best be termed "sneaking off to see a movie with a fellow movie geek." I don't exactly specialize in salacious excitement (if that hasn't become blatantly obvious by now, there's just no teaching you).

Your truck might smell of rice ...

If you need to put not one, but five, Planet Audio stickers on it

If your camper shell has an emblem on it that could only be described as a flaming squid

If you think changing the taillights and wheels on your Nissan V6 makes it look faster


Freed from the constraints of actually being forced to pay for the photos they take, new owners of digital cameras generally begin to snap photos of every single thing they can get their hands on.

Telethon, or mockery?

Sorry about not providing the next installment of 'Without Prior Notice' tonight. We ended up getting an unexpected invitation to visit a friend's house, and…how to say it?

Readers, you so got ditched. I know, I know, the suspense has been killing you. I'm sorry to suck all the oxygen out of your reading existence today, but I'm horrible and need to be smacked. So why sit here and write out a different post? Well, because I've discovered another sufferer of the Just Don't Get It Syndrome (affectionately abbreviated to JDGI Syndrome).