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Today's been one of those good, lazy, but productive Sundays. Stupid me, I went to the white-trash Wal-Mart on University Avenue… dammit, I KNOW better than to go there, and I went anyway, lured in by the cheap prices for stuff.

Of course, the lines were immensely long. I regretted going.

So I finally went home, via a detour to the wondergeeks' apartment. I had to drop some cash off to Heather and Jess—I owed Heather $55 for my Dave Matthews ticket and Jessica $40 for my Sting concert ticket. I've paid them off, like the good friend I am, and no longer feel guilty about them buying tickets for me. Got home, deposited the groceries in the appropriate places, and then settled in for a good nap on the couch. I meant to watch El Postino with Jeff (after all I did rent the movie) but as Dan said, the TV was beaming sleepons at my head and thus I went down for a nice, long, snorey count.

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Contemplations from a Saturday

I finished Look to Windward tonight. I wish I knew exactly why Iain Banks' Culture novels aren't being published in the States. They're thoughtful works with a lot of depth—something that I think is lacking from everyday fiction in the States now.

Concert goodness


I have tickets to the Sting concert on Tuesday.
I also have tickets to the Dave Matthews Band / Vertical Horizon concert on Labor Day.

Kick ass.

*goes back to work*

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Looking east

I just booked my tickets for my October trip out to D.C.

This is going to be a most excellent trip. As I just said to Andy: "Sunburns, exhaustion, blistered feet, getting lost, airports, airplanes, renting cars…I do this why?"

Bathroom discoveries

First, when I went into the bathroom a few minutes ago, I found a pen. Because of what was on it, I know who it belonged to. The pen was screen-printed with many different fonts, and the message read, over and over:

Jesus Is Y2K Ready!

I'm desperately trying to be kind here. I'm failing miserably. Look, I respect everyone's differences, and will fight to the death to ensure that everyone is allowed to worship as he or she chooses—but dammit, I can't help laughing if your slogans are dumb.

(C'mon, folks, it's nearly September 2000 already—give up the Y2K stuff and go crawl back into your caves.)

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Vacation dreams

Oh, man, this just burns me up. I'm researching what all I need to purchase before flying out to D.C. in October—turns out my flight's going to cost about what it did last year. The problem is the rental car. I only need it for two full days—days when Andy's going to be at work and I want to get myself to the nearest Metro station.

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