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You'll notice that the menus on the right-hand side look a little different than they did before. I'm in the middle of revamping domesticat to make it easier to maintain, because easier maintenance means that I'll post more often. Since life's been a bit busy this month, I figure I need to get moving on learning how to make ' as carefree of a task as possible.

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jive talkin -- and tellin' no lies

I am nesting, and it feels awfully good.

There is something in the ritual preparation for guests that is not unlike ritual preparation for war. (Except that you tend to like the outcome a lot more.) There's comfort in going over the list of things in your head, walking from room to room and checking things off as done.(Are there fresh sheets on the bed? Is the floor in the guest bedroom picked up, or have I left my books scattered all over that room again? Are there hangers in the closet and ample room on the closet floor for shoes? Did I remember to leave a water glass by the bathroom sink? Some magazines to read on the nightstand? Are there enough fresh towels in the bathroom, and did I remember to check to see if there's a spare roll of toilet paper?)

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The dimmest notions of freedom.

Brad says that tonight I should talk about chrome bumpers.

Brad, I hate to tell you this—'cause I love you and you're my favorite Canadian and all, but you're totally and utterly full of shit. Why, again, am I letting you stay in my house?

playfully neurotic ectophiles on icewine

Tonight it's me, the techno, and a bottle of wine.

I am at home, peacefully and quietly nursing a drink like the adult that I'm generally not, desperately wishing this techno were louder and that I were amongst friends at an all-night rave. That's my mood—every once in a while I get the urge to slap on the most anonymous clothes I can, tie on my combat boots, and drag someone out with me to dance mindlessly until the sun rises.

a little quickie...

This one's just gonna have to be a quickie. I'm sick of looking at a computer today.

I'm learning Flash—it's turning out to be not nearly so difficult as I thought it would be. I explained to Cathy today it's like drawing in photoshop on three axes instead of two—you have to think in terms of time as well of in terms of width and height. It was a bit of a shift, but not nearly the paradigm-shifting-without-a-clutch that I was expecting.I've got the first scene of the movie done—the intro. I don't know how to link the buttons yet—I'll figure that out either by my readings tonight or by tomorrow morning's explorations. Tomorrow I'm going to work on the kittypix portion of the flash movie. Shouldn't be difficult. I might have to try a morph from Edmund's face to Tenzing's. That will probably be amusing.


we've gotta hold on to what we've got
doesn't make a difference if we make it or not…
*insert jon bon jovi yowlin' here*

Y'know, it's moments like these that I almost miss the 1980s. It's something about the big hair and guys in nicely frayed jeans and…oh, wait, this is more than you wanted to know, isn't it?moving on:

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