Code is gold, teaching is ...

I'm back from an unexpected, last-minute week in Boston. It was my first chance to practice, in person, what I've been doing online for my colleagues: teaching. It turns out there's a need for technically-minded people who can write, communicate, and share their knowledge.

This is something I needed to see in person.

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Plans amid radio silence

Poor She's been rotting due to me having massive, twitchy privacy issues. I'd like to talk here, but I'm just not sure it's a good idea for lots of reasons, so I just shut up and stay shut. For, uh, months at a time.

For those of you who pay attention on the sewing front, I've been a teense worn thanks to me putting in more hours than I should at work, but I'm hoping this is not a permanent thing. It means I've had little to show, but I do still sit down to the machine when my brain hasn't melted after a workday.

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A reminder of what it's like...

I'm marking this as 'private' because I don't want to share it with the world -- or, potentially, customers -- but I do also want to remember some of the more jaw-droppingly special moments of working in a support department.

Like this transcript.

Remember me? I live here

It has been a hectic few months. Travel enough and you have this constant, vague sense of displacement; wake up, and you wonder for a moment, where am I today? You are frequently a timezone ahead, or a flight behind, or some combination of the two, and every hotel room has an alarm clock that works in a slightly different way.

Room reboot #1: office

Scott, bless him, offered to come up for a few days around New Year's, and we've been busy creatures during that time. The New Job™ means I work out of the house, but the bad part? I didn't really have a good workspace for me, my phone, and my laptop.

We needed to fix that, but doing so meant that we needed to tear down not one but TWO corner desks, combine two computers into a single work station, put in shelving, and blah and meow and etc.

Good news: we're mostly done.

Jeff's former desk:

The Great Freeze-Out Of 2011

So, holy crap, life change. I'm working on transitioning successfully to working out of my house, thanks to New Job. I've got a few things down, thanks to other friends who have been in similar positions: have a set schedule, wake up and treat it like you're Going To Work, actually remember to eat, and remember to

sign the hell off when you're done for the day, and don't work all evening.