web sites can do more damage than women

Screen names are unchanged, for those of you needing a little inspiration in your life.

hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: hi
quallsac: Good morning.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: hi
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: Im in HUntsville pics on my profile
quallsac: …and I want to look at them because…?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: do you like buff muscles men
quallsac: I don't suppose you happened to actually check my profile or my site before contacting me, hm?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I checked profile
quallsac: Hmm. Well it *does* mention that I was married. I wonder, do you specifically IM women who are married or did you just gloss over that little fact as unimportant?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I specifically IM married women
quallsac: …so what's your success rate on this kind of endeavor?
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: not real high, but the rewards are great
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: 1 in 100 is worth it if she is a hot lookin woman
quallsac: One out of a hundred. Those are pretty lousy odds. Requires a lot of trolling.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: yea, Im a sad case
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: maybe I get to a hundred after a week or so
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: try narrowing it down to local women, try and figure out if they are relatively fit, pretty, and wild
quallsac: Not to mention married.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: single women want single men
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: Im lookin for a woman who is happy with her hubby but could use some sideline fun
quallsac: Seems like the two, by definition, are a bit mutually exclusive.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: thats comin from the female brain, but then thats what Im lookin for , a female, well to be more specific, maybe she likes everything about her hubby except his bedroom performance, or maybe she is a little bored and could use a change
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: so what do you look like
quallsac: Human enough to pass muster on the street, thankfully.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I bet
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: you got the confidence of a good lookin woman
quallsac: Ah, but see, you forgot something….
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I usually do what is it this time
quallsac: To ask if I was interested.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I avoid that hoping to woo you with my charms
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: instead of hearin no right off the bat
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: what do you do, Im an engineer
quallsac: I write about amusing things that happen in my life.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: who do you sell these stories to
quallsac: Oh, now, that would be telling.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: so you do have some sort of media buy your stuff
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I have lots of stories Id let ya have
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: you could be like J peterman on seinfeld
quallsac: Now, let's go back to what I was mentioning earlier, about interest. You forgot to ask if I was interested. I am, in fact, completely uninterested in what you have to offer.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: well thats rainin on my parade
quallsac: Not really, considering that the clues were available on my website the entire time.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: I dont check unknown web sites
quallsac: Ah, but you hit on unknown women.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: and life isnt always what it seems anyway
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: web sites can do more damage than women
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: well your not interested, and Im hungry, so 2 outta 3 is good enough
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: really though ive had ALOT of funny stuff happen to me, Ive always wanted to write also, never had a venue
quallsac: I'd suggest you go eat your lunch.
hardbody_n_hsv_4fem: and I suggest you take a chill pill,. smile it wont hurt ya none, peace out


Ahhh, net trolls. Providing such amusement on a Wednesday afternoon....

It'd be amusing if I didn't want to throttle this little prick. It's quite a good thing that my Yahoo! account isn't working through the firewall. Morons.

You should have asked him told him you'd be much more interested if you could just have a few minutes to discuss the revelations of the Great Turnip God and how the GTG loves it when you buy the Amway products its followers sell.

Oh gawd. That was the laugh I needed for the day. :) That is just too damn amusing. He's a complete prick, but at least it's an amusing IM log to read.

Hee! What makes this funniest -- besides the guy being completely fucking pathetic -- is that I can just picture you sitting at the keyboard, *seriously* evil grin on your face, toying with the poor guy. It's not nice to take advantage of the stupid, you know.

And people wonder why I don't do the IM thing anymore...

Matthew - I'd claim to be seriously offended by your remark, save two minor problems: 1) You've known me for nine years. 2) If anything, you understated the situation. The evil grin WAS there. Along with howls of laughter, and immediately-relayed snippets to the friends who were online at the time. ...and if it's not nice to take advantage of the stupid, I guess it's a good thing we're friends, because by the end of our lives, you'll probably be the only person still willing to talk to me. (That whole pot/kettle thing, y'know.)

...although (now that you've got me remembering this part of my past), toying with such easily-toyable souls *was* quite a guilty pleasure for awhile. =)

Amy asked me if she should toy with him or ignore him. I was leaning towards ignore until she sent me a couple of 'em, and then I started to get pissed. :)

Life presents us with such ripe opportunities for humor. How did we ever deal with such strange happenings in our lives without the web to share with our friends. Remember waiting by the mailbox for a letter, or having to buy a publication to see humorous situations played out in words? Bah, this instant gratification business is so much better.

Damn...i wish I had been online when this was going on. I miss all the good stuffz in life :( C'est la vie...I can really picture the cheshire cat look.

Disgusting! Clueless! Mullet! Sorry you had to endure that garbage. I can smell his cigarette smoke and Miller Lite from here.