Telethon, or mockery?

Sorry about not providing the next installment of 'Without Prior Notice' tonight. We ended up getting an unexpected invitation to visit a friend's house, and…how to say it?

Readers, you so got ditched. I know, I know, the suspense has been killing you. I'm sorry to suck all the oxygen out of your reading existence today, but I'm horrible and need to be smacked. So why sit here and write out a different post? Well, because I've discovered another sufferer of the Just Don't Get It Syndrome (affectionately abbreviated to JDGI Syndrome).

It's inherited, you see. Some people only get one chromosome of JDGI Syndrome, thus guaranteeing that they will make all the dirty jokes about the boss's wife at the annual Christmas party—in front of the boss. While this can be debilitating, both to their social lives and their employment history, they are capable of overcoming their unfortunate disability and surviving on the fringes of polite society.

(Not that I know anything about this, mind you!)

These are the people they have JDGI telethons for; they're still occasionally cute enough to garner pity from the viewership.

Then there are the poor sots who have inherited two copies of the gene that causes JDGI Syndrome.

They don't hold telethons for these sufferers, due to the fact that there just aren't enough people to take pity on them. Sometimes they get TV shows, but usually they only last an episode or two. The rest of the time, they go through our lives as a sort of combination stumbling blocks/bad jesters, popping up in wholly inappropriate places.

I had one pop up today on domesticat. The normal batch of clue-free comments posted here are posted by users who take extra time and pride in ensuring that their posts reach the humor levels of the finest Vogon poetry. Those just get deleted, and are never mentioned on the site.

But—every fleeting now and then—the usual batch of single-inheritance JDGI guys are superseded by that rare commenter with two copies of the gene. Havoc and laughter generally ensues.

Today's post in question hails from June 9th: Speed undercover—Spaetzle the Jetta!

Our response comes from 'Pissed Off Sundance Owner,' whose IP address indicates that he's coming from an ISP called 'Integrity Online.' His comment:

"Hey, I have Sundance! There is absolutely nothing wrong with "PIMPING IT OUT". I know it is a piece of crap 4-cylinder. But, there is no harm done in making look good. It is the same thing if you pimped out a Cadalliac Escalade. It would still be an escalade. Even though you dumped hundreds of dollars to pimp it out. So why don't you shut, up about all the "RICE BOY'S" and start making your "piece" look good."

This afternoon's dilemma: telethon, or mockery?

Up to you, ladies and gentlemen. You have the comment space; you know what to do with it.

For now, I bid you good night.



Pimping out a car is a new one on me, but I supose it works. I got a similarly shocking email today. I didn't know weather to cry, laugh my ass off, or flame the poor idiot. I knew flaming would feel SOOOO good, but I was a good net citizen and I didn't flame him... Cheers,

I've already gone with the mockery. I don't do telethons for the clinically stupid. Funny, I had that same business at that same house, but instead a few hours later than you. Hell, I'm just now getting home. :)

/me feels special Wow, people were ditched just to come visit us. *sniff* I feel so special!

No, we came to see Sean. You just happen to live there. :p

Mockery. Definitely going with mockery. *point and laugh*

Geof: Yeah, that's all right. He's already informed me that I only rent my place at the house with sex.

And your parents pay for it! :)

Her parents pay for sex?

agh! *brain explodes* Now there's a horrid thought. No, my parents help out with my half of renting/mortgage payments while I'm in college. So, technically, they're paying Sean to sleep with me.

I miss you guys already!!!

You know, I saw your name on the comments list, and I was like, "Man, I liked Monica. I wish I could have stayed and talked to her longer!" :)

Hey, if she liked all of us, she's always welcome to come back again. Hint, hint. :)