Summertime stupids

Some recent finds from the joys of the interweb:

#1: What Planet Is This?

From this article from the Sun-Sentinel (italics are mine):

All this desperation for a handjob?

I was going to go to bed. Really. I'd just finished up a web-design session with a friend and my eyes were starting to get bleary, and another window popped up. Some usernames just don't bode well on yahoo. "love2lickyoutoo" is one of those.

Not only does this particular transcript speak for itself, I suspect it's one of the more quoteworthy transcripts I've posted in the past year. Judge for yourself.

Gym rules

In the world of the gym, there are rules. Rules, I say!

Willful stupidity and a 20-pound EZ curl bar

"I have a feeling we'll be getting "train wrecks from the gym" as often as we get "train wrecks from IM'ing" here soon." - Kat

Dear God. I'm supposed to be cooling down, prepping my lunch, and contemplating errands, but right now I'm sitting here unable to do anything besides laugh and shake my head in horror. I can only describe this morning's workout as somewhere between a Lewis Black comedy special and a train wreck.

Are you a nun?

Ok, gents, let's review! While the desperation of humanity is often palpable on the holiday this year known as Black Satur….er, Valentine's Day, just because a depth is there doesn't mean you should sink to it.

The eternal optimist

I apparently don't have as much of my hearing back as I thought. Earlier this evening, Jeff came into the computer room:

"That music's really loud."

"Hrm. This sounds like my usual volume level..."

Jeff shakes his head, gives me his best "I love you but you are one crazy deaf wench" look, and says no. Apparently I was shaking a few rafters.